Web Hosting 101: Benefits of Cloud Hosting for Small Businesses

by Brad Welch

1. Integrated Caching

If you want your website to have a better performance, a simple website caching plugin wouldn’t
work. In addition to that, you need both hardware and server caching to make sure that 100% of
the web hosting environment is well optimized for better performance.

2. Easy Website Management Dashboard

Choosing the best hosting service in Malaysia for your website can be overwhelming. Some
options are even difficult to learn and navigate. If you settle for cloud hosting, you can enjoy an
intuitive and easy-to-learn website management dashboard. This enables online business owners
and bloggers who are not that tech savvy to manage and track their server resources.

3. Strong Security Features

Back then, cloud hosting servers had a bad wrap because of unstable security. Today, they are
now considered as one of the most secure web hosting environments available. To ensure good
security, look for aspects such as DDoS protection, data center protection, virtual network
isolation and regular server monitoring.

4. Fast Website Performance

In a cloud hosting setup, you can ensure that your website is safeguarded from physical server
malfunctions. These malfunctions can bring your website offline, or negatively impact your
performance. A cloud hosting service can lessen performance bottlenecks.

5. Transparent and Scalable Pricing

Usually, you are charged a monthly fee, depending on the bare minimum. But, with a cloud
hosting service would only require you to pay only for the server resources that you use. Then,
you pay for the extra server resources as you utilize them. You can track to monitor our resource
usage, and ensure that your host provides transparent pricing that you can understand easily.

6. A Network of Servers

Pick a cloud hosting provider with a robust network that runs on effective, high-performing
server software and hardware. Remember, the foundation of every cloud hosting service is the
strong network of physical servers. Always go for a host with a good reputation, upgraded
physical server hardware and solid track record.

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