5 Brands With Mandela Effect

by Brad Welch
branding company Malaysia

Nelson Mandela was acknowledged by many people from the entire globe that he had passed away in the confinements of his prison in the 1980s, with news coverage of his death and his widow’s speech broadcasted before. And yet, an incident so strange occurred when Mandela actually lived until the year 2013, thus chaos ensues until it gives birth to the Mandela effect, thanks to the self-proclaimed paranormal consultant, Fiona Broome, who found that she is not alone when it comes to her memory about the former South African President. 

The Mandela effect is defined as an odd phenomena in which a big group of individuals recall something in a different way than it actually happened, causing massive confusion within the community and erupts ongoing debate whether who is right and who is wrong. For conspiracy theory enthusiasts, this is an evidence of a parallel reality, but science thought otherwise where professional doctors use this occurrence demonstrates how flawed memory may be at times. Today, branding company which are also affected by this effect are no exception, hence sparking never ending arguments among the people. Even branding in Malaysia could not bolt away from this effect.

Here are five brands which are severely affected by the Mandela effect:


mandela effect

Try to ask any branding company Malaysia which one is the correct spelling and they will find themselves scratching their heads from confusion. Many use this spray for their rooms, their sofas, their curtains and so on, but really, they can not help but to admit they swore it is spelled with the double E’s judging from the brand’s official pronunciation. Now, people are not even sure how to view it or say it to them anymore. It can get quite trippy when you ask your husband to help you buy it at the grocery store.


Things are getting really sketchy from here (no pun intended). In fact, there is no single sketch ever existed in this brand, and it’s not because it is an apparel brand, but the name itself has always been one without the ‘T’. Fans of these sketchy shoes are befuddled over the absent T in Skechers.

Froot Loops/Fruit Loops

They could never eat the sweet, rainbow-colored cereal the same way ever again. Don’t fret, it’s not the taste they are worried about, however the people could not help but be bothered by the fact that it has always been the double O’s than the word ‘fruit’. Kellog has always been naming this since its early development, and we just knew about it.

Kit Kat

Wow, even the world’s favorite chocolate wafer could not escape from this wicked effect’s grasp! What many thought was a hyphen between the Kit and Kat, it was never there in the first place. It is an existential crisis for the community to bear.

Fruit Of The Loom

The community were having the ultimate Hunger Games over the presence of this cornucopia placed behind the fruit. Sorry to disappoint, but it was never there.


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