Best Coffee Shops in Malaysia

by Brad Welch
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For many of us, grabbing a package of 3-in-1 coffee to drink on the move as our daily fuel for work is the most convenient option. While it provides us with adequate caffeine surges, true coffee enthusiasts would agree that after a long day at work, even if you are one of the best online trading brokers, you deserve a good cup of freshly prepared coffee. So, if you want to elevate your coffee cup from survival juice to an artisanal level, these Malaysian coffee cafés are the place to go. These cafes will brighten up your everyday cup of joe with their cosy décor, delicious food, and beverages produced using local and foreign roasters.


  • Acme Bar & Coffee

This Kuala Lumpur café, located in The Troika near KLCC, offers coffee consumers a relaxing setting in a sophisticated ambience. As customers relax on sofas and gaze out the wide windows, jazz music plays in the background. Expect a variety of beverages, including coffees, gourmet teas, and detox juices, as well as breakfast, lunch, and desserts. Acme Bar & Coffee is ideal for anyone wishing to relax in a refined yet relaxed atmosphere in the centre of Kuala Lumpur.


  • Mods Cafe

Mods Cafe is a giant smile with flowers for hair and peace symbols for eyes. The distinctive and quirky ambience of this adorable antique and retro bistro is praised. The beans are softly roasted over charcoal before being served fresh in your choice of coffee at this micro-roastery. What’s better? Everything is provided from a 1970s VW van.


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  • Kopikumy

Kopikumy is an Indonesian coffee business that used to sell cups of coffee for less than RM10 at Plaza Mont Kiara’s Thursday Markets. However, they’ve now established a permanent location in Sri Hartamas, where they serve their famous coffees from a cosy private home at the same low pricing. A must-try here is their Kopiku Special (RM7), which is espresso sweetened with coconut syrup, as well as their black coffee, Kopi Kebun Sendiri (RM8). All of their drinks are made with their own organic Indonesian coffee beans and alkaline water, so expect a velvety cup of coffee.


  • Biru Biru

When visiting Kota Kinabalu, be sure to stop by this historical site. There is lots of charm to be found here since it is housed in a historic printing mill that once served as a camp for allies during WWII. But it’s their coffee that’s really crucial. Whether you prefer your coffee strong and black or frothy and sweet, they offer a wonderful menu option for you. 


  • The Library Coffee Bar 

The Library Coffee Bar is a worldwide chain of coffee shops with a similar style and feel. Inside Avenue K, the area is filled with bookshelves, cosy sofas, and laptops on tables. Locals frequently come inside to enjoy the free Wi-Fi while catching up on work or simply browsing the internet. The espresso mocha, as well as the iced coffee and coffee shakes, are worth trying.

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