Don’t Make These Mistakes While House Hunting 

by Brad Welch
Bukit Jelutong

Shopping comes with tons of mistakes. Sometimes we choose the wrong size or the wrong color. Other times we have chosen the wrong site to deliver it from. Sometimes we anticipate too much and end up being disappointed by the product. The same goes for shopping for a new home. 

House hunting comes with its own set of mistakes. There are so many mistakes made by homebuyers, especially those who are new to it. We can hardly blame the home buyer most of the time. Buying a new home is a very overwhelming process and we are bound to make mistakes throughout the process. There are so many emotions, strategic thinking, analysis, and dreams involved when buying a home. 

Unfortunately, your budget does not know about your dreams or emotions. It does not understand how badly you want the double-story home in Bukit Jelutong. If we rule the home buying process with emotions, we are more likely to make irreversible mistakes. But with a little bit of awareness and education, we can actually make wiser decisions when it comes to our home buying process. Today we are going to talk about the common mistakes made by home buyers that you should definitely avoid! 

Not Having A Proper Budget 

Again, your budget has no idea about your dream home in Malaysia. It only knows and shows you how much you can actually spend on the home you need to buy. Having an allocated budget is so important. Many remain flexible with the budget and end up spending a lot more money than anticipated. While buying a home is a huge investment, being reckless with your savings and budget is not the wisest decision. 

Many also allow themselves to dream about a home they cannot afford, all because they have no proper budget allocation. When the time comes to purchase it and seeing their inability to buy the home, it is not only a waste of time but is also unnecessary pain. 

Bukit Jelutong

Overbidding In The Process

In the fear of losing the home, many of us overbid. Overbidding causes a lot of loss to the parties involved. In the angst of the bidding war, people overlook the actual state of the home and the desirability of the location. It is always important to go back to the essentials and take a closer look before tangling yourself in a potential overbidding case. Is the home in Bukit Jelutong worth the bidding war? 

Not Researching The Neighborhood

Your neighborhood is so important to the home buying process. When you buy the home, you are also purchasing a section of the neighborhood. This neighborhood is going to be your home for a very long time. It is where you will make loving memories. It is also where you get all your basic necessities. Does the neighborhood have all the amenities nearby? Can you get your essentials as soon as possible? Is it safe and well guarded with security guards and security cameras? Many home buyers fall in love with the home in a rush and forget to look at the respective neighborhood. Doing so will cause a huge loss for your budget as well as your expectations. 

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