How To Hire An SEO Specialist Who Can Keep Up With The Changing Pace Of SEO

by Brad Welch
How To Hire An SEO Specialist Who Can Keep Up With The Changing Pace Of SEO

The SEO field has changed a lot in the past few years. As Google continues to change its algorithms, digital professionals and online marketing services should keep up by adapting to new trends and practices. SEO specialist and website owners need to adjust their pages based on the current algorithm.

Though you yourself can study and manage your personal blog or ecommerce website, there is still the need to hire an SEO professional who has the following skills:

1. Rational Thinking. No Emotions involved.

In the SEO landscape, sales depend highly on search results visibility. A great SEO specialist should be able to address these questions efficiently.

a. What do you need to do to benefit or counteract from this circumstance?
b. Why did the website achieve or lose its ranking?

2. Technical Skills

Every SEO specialist should know how to use Microsoft Excel. He or she should know how to analyze all the links and other internal elements on the pages. In order to do this, they should use Google Search Console or Google Analytics from time to time.

Other necessary technical skills? Technical code analysis and programming skills. An SEO professional should understand server configuration, to be able to speed up website performance.

3. Great Motivation to Work and Independent Learning

To manage a website’s SEO strategy, someone needs to be highly motivated, and hungry for more learning. He or she should be able to self-educate.

4. The Ability To Write and Speak Convincingly

Write by Machovka
A great SEO specialist must be convincing enough to stand by the works in a way that doesn’t alienate their bosses. They should wait for the results of all their hard work.

5. Some Interview Questions To Ask an SEO Candidate

  • What type of customers are in your portfolio? How many customers utilize your services today?
  • How can you improve my website, and help generate a much higher Google ranking?
  • Is it possible for you to guarantee me the highest Google search ranking?
  • How can you report and measure your work?
  • What if we terminate our contract after only around 6 months? Will we lose the Google ranking you helped us generate?

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