How To Make The Most Efficient Use Of Your Time

by Brad Welch
  1. Concentrate on one thing

In short, you should do only one thing at any one time, over a period of time. This is the core of this set of laws. It is wise to focus on doing each thing well is the most important quality.

For it is always the output that defines a person’s social value. Doing one thing to a 100 is better than doing a bunch of things to an 80. In the business world, the difference between ‘perfection’ and ‘competence’ is often hundreds of times greater. But when you’ve been working on something for a long time, it’s easy to develop two kinds of psychology: uncertainty about results and expectations, and a sense of emptiness from a lack of feedback over time.

These two psychologies can compel us to seek out more short-term, immediate feedback that will give our brains a fresh boost. If you are subjected to this mentality, it is difficult to really do anything to the best of your ability, 100% of the time.

  1. Two steps

When you have a new task to do, don’t rush to get started, follow these two steps.

1) Think: Can it be done quickly in a minute or two?

2) Act: If you can, get on with it immediately; if not, write it down and schedule a time to do it.

In fact, by extension, everything requires two steps: ‘think’ and ‘act’. If we decide that a task is more than 2 minutes old and needs to be done at another time – then we can analyse it again: can it be done immediately, or does it need to be thought about and planned before it can be done? If it is the latter, we can then go down the list and allow time for it to be thought about, and time for it to be executed. Then, at the right time, we can complete the task as we have arranged it.

  1. Three lists

All tasks, in short, can be divided into three main categories.

1) Those that can be clearly performed

2) Those that require thought

3) simple, trivial and unimportant 

In the first category, try to set aside a whole period of time to focus on it, blocking out all distractions. Each period should last between 25 and 40 minutes. If you are in a very good state of mind and are extremely focused, this can be extended.

In the second category, do it when you have completed a task, feel tired and need to relax and rest. This activates different areas of the brain and allows the part responsible for execution to rest while maintaining the brain active and motivated. Alternatively, it can be done in a fragmented time.

In the third category, do it when you are in a low state and emotionally depressed.

On the one hand, you can complete these matters as you see fit, and on the other hand, you can also get yourself out of a depressed state quickly and get into shape quickly by building up a sense of ‘achievement’.

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