Importance Of Communication Technology In Education

by Brad Welch
sarjana muda dalam teknologi maklumat

Technology is increasingly part of the reality in the society to which we are inserted. Thanks to its evolution, we spend almost all day connected to everything and everyone through the internet. We can access it from anywhere, on cell phones, computers, notebooks, tablets and even watches. Being so available, it is clear that it is also within schools, and that is why it is increasingly important to learn the importance of information and communication technology for education.

sarjana muda dalam teknologi maklumat

The boom in the information and technology era has completely changed the education landscape and there is a sarjana muda dalam teknologi maklumat that you can apply for now. From the point of view of professionals working in institutions such as Widad, with the advances in technologies, it is possible for educators to expand the teaching-learning relationship, making use of resources that reduce physical and time barriers, going beyond the classroom. 

Virtual environments and collaborative sites enter the scene. It is necessary to adapt to this new language, to arouse more interest in young people, who are already bombarded with stimuli and information all the time. Schools need to turn the tide and use technology for education.

The trajectory of advances in information and communication technology in schools and education

Advances in technology have brought great changes for teachers, changed the way students learn, and even communicated with parents. At first, the idea of ​​children having access to the internet at school, and even other communication tools, seemed frightening, and rightly so, we were still dealing with an unknown novelty.

Previous generations were used to using only sources of physical information, such as large libraries, newspapers and encyclopedias. First came the search engines, which centralized the information. It was positive, as it facilitated access to diverse knowledge. However, teachers had to be much more attentive to jobs done in the “copy and paste” style.

But the technology is developing at a fast pace, and as soon as cell phones were seen as a means of dispersing students’ attention. The internet, which was initially appointed as a facilitator in the research process, over time started to diminish the students’ capacity and interest in deepening their studies.

It cannot be denied that the technology used in an unruly way can negatively affect a person’s performance, not only on children and within schools, on individuals of all age groups and in any environment.

But, when properly combined and monitored with studies, technology becomes an important element in the construction of students’ knowledge.

Thinking about it, more and more educational and interactive games are developed, which are already part of the school routine of many institutions. After all, if cell phones drew students’ attention, a smart way to get them back to school again would be to find the devices useful.

When information technology is combined with conventional study methods, they are called hybrid teaching, as they mix on and offline methods of studies, with monitoring of teachers who monitor the evolution of learning.

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