Mobile App Development Trends That We Will Most Likely See in 2019

by Brad Welch
Mobile App Development Trends That We Will Most Likely See in 2019

The Latest Trends of Mobile App Development

Mobile app development has always been a booming industry ever since the first ever smartphone was released. Trends are what makes people so giddy for new and exciting changes.

Today, I am going to be talking about the mobile app development trends that we will most likely see this year at the app store developer.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Mobile App Development Trends That We Will Most Likely See in 2019When you hear the words, “Artificial Intelligence”, what usually comes to your mind?

I am pretty confident that you’ve conjured up images of robots that automate the various processes in different industries. Well, you’re actually not wrong.

In fact, one of the many implementations of AI is the chatbot. A chatbot automates the process of conversing with your customers so that your employees can work on other, more important tasks.

Chatbots, in fact, have been used in many instances already and companies who have done so are so happy with the results.

Machine learning is also another technology that is slowly being incorporated into many services all around the world.

Basically, what this does is it allows the application to “learn” a user’s preferences by learning and studying their habits. Some popular applications that use this particular technology are Youtube, Spotify, Amazon, and many more.

2. Blockchain

You might have heard of this particular technology by looking at news about cryptocurrency, but Blockchain is not only limited to that.

In fact, the technology is also used as a means to solve some authentication issues experienced by many servers in the world.

Even though the technology has already been used in many different applications, developers still haven’t unlocked the technology’s full potential yet. So, expect to have more blockchain features implemented in the future.

3. No Code App Development

App development is a complex thing, at least, that is how it used to be. Nowadays, people can make use of no-code/low-code platforms that allow pretty much anyone the power to create their own applications with ease.

This also alleviates the need of having a dedicated app developer which can truly cut development costs by a significant degree!

4. 5G Wireless

Our current mobile data standard is 4G LTE and although it gives us considerable speeds, we want more.

Enter 5G. This is going to replace the current standard and we are expecting to see more and more services apply the 5G wireless protocol.

Mobile App Development Trends That We Will Most Likely See in 2019That being said, what can you expect? 5G is going to be (at least theoretically), 100x faster than 4G! You can literally download massive files in a matter of seconds or a couple of minutes!

Do note that phones that support the technology have to roll out first which means that its mainstream implementation would be in the next couple of years.

However, there are already some phones and some service provide that offer the new protocol like Verizon and AT&T.

5. Beacons

Beacons are used for geofencing and navigational purposes. We would most likely see more applications that support the use of beacons this year or the next.

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