Obstacles Faced by Online Gambling Market

by Brad Welch
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The internet gaming business thrived in the first two decades of the twenty-first century. As a result, the stock market continues to soar year after year, breaking new records and confounding expectations. The sector is expected to reach new heights as new technologies gain popularity. Despite its success, the online gambling business has substantial challenges that must be overcome in order to help the sector grow even further. For the online gambling sector, changing technology, confusing laws, restrictions, the post-COVID19 reality, changing customer behaviours, and trends are all key challenges.

Malaysia online casino mobile

  • Mobile Casino

It’s a clear indication of the online gaming industry’s enormous mobile potential. In the year 2020, several online casinos are still working on making their games mobile-friendly. The concept of mobile applications is another area where the online gaming industry has not yet reached its apex. Only a few online casinos provide mobile apps. Casino games are usually available to play on a mobile phone via a browser. On the other hand, several types of studies on mobile user behaviours show that gamers prefer to utilise apps over web browsers.


  1. Regulations 

Regulations are unmistakably designed to make online gaming safer and more equal for all players. Some of these rules, however, are severe and contribute to the industry’s limited growth. Many countries are attempting to regulate the internet gambling industry in their own territories, which may be a good thing. The presence of various fraudulent sites requires it in this regard. Governments, on the other hand, should establish sensible legislation to help keep scam sites out while without stifling the market.


  • The Video Game Industry’s Persistent Challenge

The online gambling business competes directly with the video game industry for players’ time and money. Many online casinos fail to match the variety of engaging video games produced by the video game industry. Software gaming businesses are responding to this issue by creating new casino games with more realistic gameplay. Games like Call of Duty are causing a stir in the internet gaming community.


  • Cryptocurrency

Several online casinos have integrated cryptocurrency into their payment systems. Some online casinos solely take Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, many well-known online casinos are still unwilling to accept it as a payment option. There are still a lot of unanswered questions about cryptocurrencies that are limiting wider acceptance. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is a huge barrier to adoption since it might depreciate a home’s value. Furthermore, cryptocurrencies value anonymity over openness, but regulators value transparency. A stumbling issue with Bitcoin and other cryptos is the difficulty in identifying payment origins.



The difficulties that the internet gaming industry faces are not insurmountable. The sector has demonstrated a remarkable capacity to adapt to shifting technology and trends. Despite the difficulties, the market is likely to continue to develop at a rapid pace in the future years.


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