Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing in 2020

by Brad Welch

So, how do you kickstart your career in affiliate marketing Malaysia? Well, the first thing that you need to focus on would be to find a suitable and profitable niche for your website to start with.
There are plenty of different niches that you can focus on right from the start, but if you do not know how to choose a niche, then read on to find out some of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches in 2020 and beyond.

Diets and Weight Loss

Why do you think there are so many different diets out there? That is because a lot of people are looking for different ways in order for them to lose weight and stay fit.

The nutrition and fitness industry is always going to be popular no matter what year it is. In fact, the demand for weight-loss products has increased, especially since a new survey has come out that highlighted the stark increase in obese people in the past could of years.

If you are an influencer, you can always focus on this industry as a start to help you build an audience so that promoting products will be so much easier for you in the long run.

Digital Marketing

Why do you think affiliate marketing is successful even in this day and age? That is because a lot of companies can leverage the help of people who have established audience bases to get their word across about the products that they have on offer.

Digital marketing works the same way and will continue to be in the industry for such a long time. Take note that companies are willing to spend huge amounts of money just to promote their products and gain more revenue.


The dating and romance industry is another evergreen niche that you can focus on. People are so focused on finding “the one” and would find any information they can in order for them to attract their soulmate. Products that you can promote in this niche include dating guides, counseling tips, Marriage guides, and so much more.


There are so many pet lovers out there that this is always going to be one of the most profitable industries in existence. Some people treat pets as a part of their family which is why you need to take it upon yourself to provide them with all of the information and products that they need in order for them to take care of their little ones in the best way possible.


With the increase in popularity of eSports and the proliferation of many online games, the gaming industry has been booming since 2000. Fortunately, there are plenty of products that you can promote in this industry. You can either focus on gaming news, gaming peripherals, gaming accessories, and so much more.


They say that cryptocurrency is the future and the way we pay for things is going to change, given enough time. Whether the latter is true or not still remains to be seen, but the popularity of cryptocurrency makes it quite a profitable niche to focus on in your affiliate marketing career.

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