Question to Ask Yourself Before Starting Your Own eCommerce Website

by Brad Welch

1. What type of website will I be making?

It all starts with this question. There are different types of websites, and all of them require several technical requirements. By determining this, you can know the unique specifications of your platform, as well as the most appropriate website hosting provider for you.

2. Do you need a high level of security?

While all websites need to be safe and secure at a certain level, some platforms require more security compared to the others. If you are putting up an ecommerce website, you obviously need high level of website security. This is because you will be storing personal details such as passwords and emails, as well as credit card information.

3. What are your website’s technical requirements?

Make a list of all the technical requirements you require, from types of databases to coding languages. Learning how to make money from home in Malaysia is not easy. You need to take note of everything you need so you can address each one of it.

4. How big is the website data you will be serving and storing?

Your website host’s capacity is not just about the traffic. It is also about the sizes of the files you are showing. The larger the file size, the more bandwidth and storage you need. If you are given little bandwidth, and ended up dealing with high-resolution images and videos, your pages wouldn’t perform well. You wouldn’t make that much passive income.

5. What is your hosting budget monthly?

Set a realistic budget. Take note that you don’t need to know the exact amount that you want to spend. Just set a ballpark idea. If you are operating on a bigger, flexible budget, you are sure to benefit from lots of additional perks.

6. Can you handle technical tasks?

It’s possible to build almost any kind of website with limited experience. Though, website management require various levels of technical experience. Do you think you can handle your own server? If not, you can look into fully managed hosting services. In that set up, every task will be done for you.

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