Water Sport Activities That You’ll Like

by Brad Welch
open water course

Do you like sports?

Running, kick-boxing, football, hockey, skiing, bungee jumping; all these are sports that you will do over land. Water sport activities will be done obviously, with the presence of water. Swimming pool, lake, river or ocean. Each place has its own specific sports.

open water course

Let’s start with everyone’s favourite ; scuba diving.

Scuba diving is a must-do activity if you ever go to any island. It may be the same as snorkeling but with all the devices you will have, you are able to get deeper into the ocean. Oxygen tank, oxygen mask, swimming suit and fins are the things that you will need for scuba diving.

There are few types of scuba diving such as open water courses for beginners, deep diving for the experts as it goes down to 40 meters underwater and wall diving.

Next, kayaking; for someone who prefers a more relaxing sport.

It is a slow-paced sport but at the same time requires you to have excellent physical strength. Kayaking requires you to row and paddle throughout the activity. For open kayaking activity, you can try at any beaches you can find in Malaysia. They will have a rental booth for any water sport equipment that you need. You will be able to kayak to fascinating locations around the beach.

Maybe kayaking on the ocean scares you, so you can opt to kayak on a lake.

Want a more challenging version of kayaking? Canoeing is there ready to fill your need.

If you are not familiar with both kayak and canoe, you will not recognize them at a glance. This is because both things are different from each other. Firstly, you can see from the paddle. Canoe paddle only has one blade unlike kayak the paddle has two blades. Other than that, the sitting position of the paddler, the structure of the boats and also the speed of each boat are different. Kayaking is usually faster than canoeing because a canoe has a larger vessel. Hence, it is heavier.

Moving on to the next sport; swimming.

Swimming is a water sport that requires you to move your arms and legs in order to move through the water. Swimming can happen in different places like a pool if you prefer indoor swimming and a lake or the sea for open water swimming. This will need you to put full attention on your fitness and stamina.

You can swim individually or in a team, up to you. Taking swimming classes will help you to control your breaths and movements in the water. There is also something called synchronized swimming which is a different type of swimming. This includes swimming, dancing, gymnastics or any kind of movement that you will have to synchronize with your team.

Lastly, white water rafting.

White water rafting is one of the most risky water sports as it may cause serious injuries if no safety precautions are taken beforehand. This is an activity where you have to be on an inflatable raft and paddle through different rapids. Usually, if you are with an adventure company they will rent you the wetsuit, helmet and buoyancy aid. Just to make sure you are completely prepared before getting into the water.


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