Wax Emulsion Applications

by Brad Welch
wax emulsion Selangor

Have you heard about wax emulsion? If you have never, do not worry, we will provide you with some information regarding wax emulsion. Wax emulsion is basically a mixture of wax, water and emulsifying agent. Because of the properties of wax, it is a known fact that we cannot combine wax and water. But with the usage of an emulsifying agent, that process is possible. It is becoming very popular now to use wax emulsion in many construction and manufacturing processes. This is because of its wide range of usage flexibility in manufacturing and construction materials. You can use wax emulsion easily in many fields because of its applicable properties. 


Wax emulsion can be used in the manufacturing processes. For example, the wax emulsion used on cars provides a matte look of the car’s colour instead of the common glossy look. Not only that, The interior of the car, such as the dashboard, can be coated with wax emulsion to provide a cleaner look and also to prevent abrasion because of any heavy items kept in the car. You can also apply wax emulsion near the car door, to give it a matte look and to protect it from scratches. Wax emulsion is also found in the car’s leather seat production. This is because wax emulsion provides abrasion resistance properties to the leather material to prevent tearing. 

wax emulsion Selangor


Wax emulsion is also used in the cleaning agent, especially for wood floors and glass windows. This is because wax emulsion can help to polish the wooden floor to bring back its original textures. Wax emulsion will give the wooden floor a clean and polished texture by helping to cover the scratch marks caused by heavy furniture and chairs. The wax emulsion provides long-lasting protection to the wooden floor because of its water-resistance properties. If you are planning to polish your wooden floor, get your wax emulsion from wax emulsion Selangor.  Besides that, a wax emulsion in glass cleaning agents helps to polish the windows. It will also protect the glass partition at your office from streak marks and provide them with a clean look. 


In the food packaging industry, the wax emulsion is used to coat the fruits or the packaging material to ensure the products last longer. Wax emulsion is also found in the printing ink to provide both a glossy and matte look for the printed material. The printed material will have a touch feel properties due to the combination of wax emulsion in the printing ink. It also improves the quality of the printed images and is resistant to rubbing. This means that if you had accidentally tried to rub off the ink from the paper after printing, it will not be removed because of the wax emulsion in the printing ink. 


The usage of wax emulsion is becoming more common now due to the increase in manufacturing and production industries. This is because wax emulsion has helped the manufacturing industry to manufacture products that are long-lasting because of their abrasion resistance and temperature resistance properties. 

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