Ways to improve your posture

by Brad Welch

Tips to improve your posture and promote men enhancement at work and at home:

  • Stay straight while standing, try to keep your knees and hips flat on the floor, with your feet down. To keep your hips and knees straight, you might need a footrest. When you sit on your lower back on your chair for long periods, for example with a small rolled-up towel or a commercial product.
  • Don’t lie on low-seated sofas for too long.
  • While standing, try keeping your back straight, head forward and weight evenly on both feet.
  • Wear flat, fit shoes to help even distribution of weight.
  • Avoid hitting the laptop or desktop computer for long periods of time,
  • In case your work involves a lot of repetitive or lifting and bending jobs, ask your boss to train heavy or bulky items, in the right way to lift them.
  • You run the risk of a phone strain if you spend a lot of time on the line. You can find that a headset is more comfortable than a telephone on the shoulder and that the neck twists to hold the phone.
  • Handle large bags of books, computer equipment or shopping carefully. Make sure you carry your bags on both sides of your body fairly. A rucksack can evenly distribute weight on your shoulders.
  • Make sure you have the positive position while using your car seat and headrest

Research showed that everyone can exert themselves quickly and stretch to reinforce a good posture and that a bad posture, for instance:

  • Walking frequently-even a 10 minute walk per day will help improve your health and posture by keeping your body relaxed and healthy.
  • Gentle workouts, such as Yoga and Pilates, to strengthen back and stomach muscles and improve posture.
  • Spend 10 minutes of stretching exercises every day.
  • Tall stand, which means that the spinal cord is raised and the shoulders are moved down to their normal rest place.
  • Perform simple head motions which can interfere with good posture to help loosen tensed neck muscles. Try to move the head from front to back and side to side in small circles.
  • Lie on the floor for two to three minutes once a day without any coil or support and relax to allow your body to re-fit to its natural rest.

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