What Are Some All Time Favourite Manga For Otaku Fan to Read Online?

by Brad Welch

Anime and manga is now one of the most popular activities youngsters nowadays dive into other than gaming, reading and other hobbies. Because they are so versatile and sometimes comforting, otakus all over the world tend to enjoy reading mangas as they represent the origins of their favourite anime shows. So what are some all time favourite manga for otaku fan

Continue reading to find out what are some fan favourite mangas out there that otakus just love to read! 


One Piece

One Piece - Wikipedia

One Piece is a famous manga series that can be read on MangaLegacy. The story entails the adventures of Monkey D Luffy, who has all of a sudden evolved his body into a rubber-like state after he accidentally ate the Devil Fruit. The Straw Hat Pirates, who are him and his pirate crew, will explore the Grand Line to find the dead King of the Pirates ultimate treasure, known as One Piece so that he can become the next King of the Pirates. 




Books Kinokuniya: Horimiya, Vol. 1 / Hagiwara, Daisuke/ Hagiwara, Daisuke (9780316342032)

A refreshing storyline about a story of Hori and Miyamaru who lead a double life. Hori seems like a normal girl, but outside of school, she has absolutely no social life and is fully dedicated to caring for her brother. Miyamaru on the other hand is a nerdy boy in his school, but once he is out of school, he comes out of his shell and is actually a social butterfly. They soon discover both of the double lives with an interaction, which will lead them to a friendship and blooms into a beautiful relationship, hence the name Horimiya (A combination of their name– or a “ship” name as they call it.)




Bleach (TV series) - Wikipedia

We all know Bleach. It was first published in 2001, later continued in 2016. It has a total of 74 volumes and was adapted into a live action film as well as an anime. The story follows Ichigo Kurosaki, who has just become the inheritor of the Soul Reaper powers, from Rukia Kuchiki who possessed them before Kurosaki. With his new powers, he is now an unwilling protector of humans and spirits of the world. 

Jujutsu Kaisen – Gege Akutami

Jujutsu Kaisen - Wikipedia

This is a fairly new manga that was published in 2018. As of now the manga has eighteen volumes and it has also been adapted into an anime. It is’about human beings possessing cursed energy, and the protagonist – Yuji Itadori is a kind hearted teen who joins the school Occult Club just to realize that it’s filled with sorcerers who control the cursed energy.

These are just some of the most popular mangas among otakus as these titles are all very interesting and eye-catching too. Therefore even if you are looking for a more niche manga or something that is underrated, you can always check to see if MangaLegacy has it! You may be surprised, even if it’s a manga that you think no one knows about, you can find it online on MangaLegacy. 

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