What Are the Top NFT Games?

by Brad Welch

Like other new and established sectors, several platforms have become the NFT gaming world’s main attraction. These games are leading the current NFT craze by successfully combining NFTs with popular game themes. As a result, users can enjoy their favourite game genres while supporting a thriving trending NFT news market. Here are some games that fit into this category.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity takes inspiration from the Pokemon games and adds a blockchain twist to make it much more entertaining. Players raise and collect NFT-based digital pets called Axis to battle other players in this Ethereum-based game. Each Axis has its unique genetic signature. So Axis’ flaws and strengths are passed down to their offspring. These digital creatures are traded on Ethereum NFT marketplaces, and their value is determined by their rarity and uniqueness. To begin the game, you must buy 3 Axis. The platform’s native ERC-20 utility currency Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is awarded for completing quests, PVP battles, and adventure modes. To breed a new Axie, you must pay a certain quantity of SLPs, which you can get from exchanges. Axis Infinity Shard (AXS) is an ERC20 token that serves as the platform’s governance token. It will also anchor the game’s staking service, which will launch in 2021. Learn more about Axie Infinity.

Gods Unchained 

Gods Unchained is a free-to-play game that incorporates NFT with the card trading genre. Cards are acquired by buying them from other players or winning PVP battles where card quality and player skill typically determine the outcome. Skills and strategy are more important. Because the game uses a ranked mode, participants with similar ratings are matched.

You win matches by reducing your opponent’s life to zero before yours. Every win earns you experience points. Once the experience bar is full, you will be promoted to the next rating or level and given a new pack of cards.

Each card has an ERC-721 token behind it. So you can trade them on the platform’s native or open market. Those selling cards within the gaming ecosystem will be paid in GODS, the platform’s native coin. Notably, the GODS token was not yet officially introduced when this tutorial was written. Check with the development team before purchasing or receiving any token promoted as GODS tokens.


Splinterlands is a free-to-play trading card game akin to Gods Unchained. Winning card matchups pays you. To begin playing Splinterlands, you must first purchase a starter pack, create a Steam account, and then reveal the cards purchased. With rare situations, you may find rare cards in your initial buy. You may also find duplicates of the same card. If so, you can combine identical cards to increase their strength or sell one for cryptocurrency.

After learning the cards, you can duel other players or take part in quests. The outcome of these actions determines your card earning potential.

3D Sandbox

The Sandbox is a voxel-based gaming metaverse where users may create and trade virtual objects. It lets you manipulate and sell voxel assets. Consider it the blockchain version of games like Minecraft and Roblox. The platforms allow users to build, animate, and sell things on markets. Users can also develop and play custom games. The metaverse’s native coin is SAND, an ERC-20 token. So they can buy in-game stuff on the platform’s market. And LAND, which are NFT tokens and are by far the most sought after assets in the Sandbox game. In April alone, LAND sales topped $8.5 million.

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