What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?

by Brad Welch

Enterprises use the limited social resources at their disposal to make the finished products that people need through rational distribution and processing. It can be said that enterprises, as important participants and creators of material wealth in society, make a great contribution to the prosperity and progress of the social economy. Since the resources used by enterprises come from society, they also have an obligation to give back to society, which we call “corporate social responsibility”.

Everyone should have a sense of responsibility towards the country and society. And as economic subjects, enterprises can only be more competitive and vital if they recognise their own sense of social responsibility and actively undertake social responsibility. In the context of economic globalisation, social responsibility has become an important part of the core competitiveness of enterprises, and one of the important criteria for measuring the strength of enterprises after price and quality competition. In order to participate in cooperation and competition at a higher level and in a wider scope, enterprises must exemplarily fulfil their social responsibility.

If the company has developed core technologies and products through research and development, it can not only make high profits, but also meet the needs of users, and invest more resources in social welfare to help more people.  Elcomp is an example of doing patlite poe signal tower products while shouldering its social responsibilities. In this way, a high degree of integration and unity of economic interests and social responsibility is achieved. It should be noted, however, that it is impossible for an enterprise to take on more social responsibility if its own survival is in question. The prerequisite for an enterprise to fulfil and assume social responsibility is to ensure that it can survive, and only when these conditions are met will it be able to assume social responsibility.

And for companies that have always been bent on pursuing economic interests to the neglect of their social responsibilities, it has been proven that the means and methods may allow you to go faster at one stage, but the consequences are often easy to fall. Only the pattern, the heart, and the kindness can make you go more stable and far, the more forward, the more need to return to the basics. So to be a business, to be an enterprise with a conscience, to have its due social responsibility and mission. It is the right of an enterprise to obtain benefits from society through its own legitimate efforts, and it is also the fundamental purpose of an enterprise, which is undisputed, but it is also the obligation of an enterprise to take responsibility, return to society and make contributions to society. This is what makes an enterprise a trustworthy enterprise and a good one.

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