What is the Fire Bet on Craps?

by Brad Welch

There is no denying that the game of craps is one of the best games that you can play in an actual casino.

You might have already known the basics of the game in that you place down your money, place your bets, and pray that the odds are in your favor.

But, there are actually some casinos in Las Vegas (and probably other casinos around the world) that offer a new type of bet- one that can provide you with huge winnings. I am talking about the Fire Bet and in this article, I will talk more about this one and why it is quite exciting.

What is the Fire Bet?

The fire bet is an interesting game mechanic that was experimented by some casinos that have now been implemented in select casinos in Las Vegas and probably other casinos worldwide as well.

The premise of the bet is this: before a new shooter rolls the dice, you give a fire bet amount to the dealer. Most casinos in the Las Vegas strip would allow you to give a $1 fire bet and the maximum that you can give is about $10 (do note that other casinos might require hefty bets, though, for the most part, $10 seems to be the maximum).

The beauty of the fire bet is that when you do crap out, although you will lose your passline bet, your fire bet will still be in effect. Your fire bet will remain there until the shooter establishes a point and will only leave when they make four or more unique points or until they crap out.

Keep in mind that once the shooter has established the first point, the fire bet will immediately take effect. You will win money on your fire bet as long as the shooter is able to make at least 4 or more unique points.

To help you understand this, let’s say that the shooter happens to establish their point at 8, then gets a 9, and then shoots for a 10 and then gets it, the shooter would have then created 3 unique points. Should their next roll be 8 again, then you are only going to be
paid based on those 3 unique points.

The basic premise before you can receive something is that the shooter would have to first establish a point and then rolls the dice and aim to get to that point on the come out roll.

So basically, since you are the Fire Bet Bettor, you want the shooter to establish six different unique points so that you can get the full payout.

Find a Casino that Offers This

Although the concept of the Fire Bet makes the game even more exciting, more and more casinos in the Las Vegas Strip are no longer offering it. That is because it has now introduced an entirely new bet known as the “All/Tall/Small” bet.

However, there are still some casinos that do offer fire bets, albeit you have to search for them.

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