What Should We Take Care Of In Website Design? 

by Brad Welch

The design of a website does not happen overnight, there are many details that need to be sculpted, no matter how experienced a designer designs a website to ensure optimal satisfaction, so that people often complete customer acceptance in web design, a wide variety of needs, after several changes, identification, in the customer, mastering the requirements, every detail of the design, as much as possible to make the customer happy with the website. 

Details of the use of colour in web design

Almost all corporate websites today, in this huge sea of websites to highlight the wonderful impression customers need to make on the aesthetics of the website, there will be hundreds of colours to choose from in the website design. However, based on the principles of website design, the main body of the website should be no more than three colours, three colours need to be chosen according to the positioning of the company and the audience of the website, such as environmental protection companies choose fresh green, catering websites choose orange or red for a reasonable mix.

Express website details website design to express what, how to express to the user in this regard have a clear understanding, such as the first screen elements of the home page, the second screen, put what content, how to layout the content of the inner pages, etc., it needs to be designed according to the needs of the client, through the understanding of the client’s business and users, reasonable design to highlight part of the site, to achieve the main and secondary, detailed design of the site is rich in hierarchy, the user browsing to easily grasp the theme. 

There may be some mistakes when designing websites for website designers malaysia. First, use too many fancy fonts. Some website designers may find it creative, but it can create a reading barrier for site visitors. Use as few blank attributes as possible, opening a new page is not easy, at least my browsing habits are such that if a site links to a new page, it only takes a few clicks on the browser tab, closing up is also more troublesome, so try to design the site links to jump within the site as much as possible. Regarding website registration, some websites just allow registration when browsing, users do not yet know what the website is doing, there is no value in registering and entering the website will easily cause the registrant to resent and so close the website.

Website design plays an important role in the construction of the website, the website design is good if the user’s stay will be longer. The above is the website design needs to pay attention to a few details, I hope it will help you. 


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